Does Supreme Court Decision Open Door for More

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Does Supreme Court Decision Open Door for More
Calendar01 July 2014

The long-awaited decision on the Hobby Lobby case was finally delivered yesterday with a 5-4 decision allowing exemption to the health law’s contraception coverage requirements by closely held, for-profit businesses with religious objections. Truth is, this decision will affect very few employers. While Justice Alito's decision went to lengths to limit the scope of the decision, there are likely some employers that found encouragement and are still holding out for repeal and/or major changes to the requirements of the law. However, this decision may well be challenged itself in the coming days, perhaps on the basis of gender discrimination. Certainly, it does nothing to address employers' current number one concern about the impact of the ACA: the increased administrative burden. In our most recent survey on reform, 78% of respondents indicated the increased administrative burden of the ACA was a significant concern.

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