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Department of Labour(DOL) Overtime Rules Benefits Advice

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DOL Overtime Rules Benefits Advice
Calendar13 July 2016

DOL overtime rules are not just a compensation issue. Check out this slide show with advice on how to approach compliance with the new rules, compliments of Employee Benefit News and our Mercer colleagues. But when evaluating changes in your compensation strategy, don’t forget to consider the benefits implications as well. Be sure to quantify the impact of the new salary threshold ($47,476/year) on benefit costs – for defined benefit plans, 401k match, life insurance, LTD, etc. Compliance with these new DOL rules could be an opportunity to reconsider affordable contributions under the ACA, since increases to salary base may allow for higher employee contributions for employers using rate-of-pay or W-2 safe harbors. Separately, evaluate whether reclassified employees will be subject to a different tracking method under the ACA 30-hour rule – it can get complicated! From a documentation perspective, check eligibility definitions for benefits to be sure they are consistent across plans and align with your compensation strategy. 

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