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Don t Forget the Importance HSA in Retirement Planning

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Don t Forget the HSA in Retirement Planning
Calendar29 August 2014

Our friends over at EBRI estimate that 40% of baby boomers and Gen Xers risk running out of money in retirement. While this article from The Washington Post doesn’t focus on post-retirement health coverage specifically, it does list some uncomfortably familiar reasons that people don’t save enough for retirement. Educating employees about the importance of retirement savings is especially important if your organization -- like many others -- doesn’t offer a retiree medical plan or is scaling back now that the public exchanges provide an alternative source of coverage for retirees not yet eligible for Medicare. If you’re implementing (or already offer) a consumer-directed plan with an HSA, you may want to reinforce the message that it can be a great way to save for post-retirement medical expenses.

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