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Eight Facts Explain What's Wrong With US HealthCare

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Eight Facts Explain What s Wrong With US Health Care
Calendar04 September 2014

If you’re connected with health care or health insurance, you probably get asked this question a lot. Here’s one health writer’s list of what’s wrong with US health care, with some interesting graphs to back it up. The fact that the US tops the chart in terms of health spending as a percent of the economy should come as no surprise, but how about the fact that we see doctors far less frequently than our peers -- about half as often as Germans or Canadians? That raised my eyebrows -- especially paired with fact # 7, that “one-third of health spending isn’t helping” anyone get healthier. A graph from the Institutes of Medicine identifies the biggest source of waste as “unnecessary services,” something that employers can target in the short-term with second opinion programs and claim audits -- and in the long-term by moving to a provider reimbursement system that incentivizes good outcomes, not more services.

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