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Households Budgets: Employer Sponsored Discount Programs

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Employer 911 Households Budgets Tight
Calendar04 December 2014

This Wall Street Journal articles offers a glimpse at the budget pressures felt by many individuals and families across the US as their share of health care costs increases faster than their wages. With other nondiscretionary spending on the rise – for example, the cost of staying connected via cellular devices – household budgets have been cut for things like new clothing, eating out and other forms of entertainment. Here are two ways employers can help. If you offer employer-sponsored discount programs, you might consider reinvigorating this benefit with a communications campaign just in time to ease some holiday shopping stress. From a health care perspective, as we enter into the cold and flu season, remind workers about access to telemedicine and convenience care clinics for typical winter illnesses such as bronchitis and strep throat. These visits cost much less than an office visit (approximately $20/visit for telemedicine and $70 for a convenience care clinic). These are small efforts, but they could really pay off for employees.

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