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Exchange Enrollment Gets Off to a Much Better Start

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Exchange Enrollment Gets Off to a Much Better Start
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Calendar19 November 2014

The Obama Administration received flack last year for major issues and site crashes with the online exchange enrollment site, When open enrollment for 2015 began this past Saturday, about 500,000 people logged onto the site and 100,000 submitted insurance applications. As this Wall Street Journal article reports, the general consensus is that the process is much smoother this year. There were issues with resetting passwords that resulted in people getting locked out of the site, and some lapses in communication between carriers when enrollees switched plans. And some current enrollees were not pleased to discover that rates for their plans had increased, although in most cases they could find lower rates by switching plans. The state of Washington, which runs a separate state exchange, experienced the most severe online enrollment issues; their site was forced to go offline for a day because it was incorrectly calculating subsidy amounts. However, these issues are minor in comparison to the problems that plagued the 2014 open enrollment. If you have employees who are not eligible for coverage in your plan and have been communicating with them about public exchange options, you might want to remind them that open enrollment has started and pass along the good news that the website seems to be running smoothly. A word to the wise would be to avoid the high-traffic periods near the December 15 deadline for current enrollees to make changes and the February 15 end of open enrollment.

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