Executive Order on Immigration Stops Short of Health Care

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Executive Order on Immigration Stops Short of Health Care
Calendar21 November 2014

Two major issues in Washington merged this week: immigration and health care. President Obama’s Executive Order granting some form of legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants -- as early as this week -- will continue to deny them government subsidies for health care and access to the Healthcare.gov marketplace, according to a Washington Post report. Activists will object to this decision as contrary to the goal of universal coverage and note that, without this key point of access to health insurance, these individuals will be denied full opportunity to become productive members of American society. In more practical terms, as the Post article points out, the government already funds some care for undocumented immigrants (and has for years before the ACA) through a program known as "emergency Medicaid." In 2011, the federal government spent $1.3 billion on the program, and states spend millions more each year. The implications for employers? Newly legal workers who might have gotten coverage through healthcare.gov will now need to rely on their employers for health insurance -- if their employer sponsors a plan -- or go bare.

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