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Feds Adjust 2015 Health Insurance Exchange Enrollment Projection

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Feds Adjust 2015 Enrollment Projection
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Calendar12 November 2014

So, what’s the score? Initially, it was reported that 8 million had obtained coverage in the public exchange in 2014. That number has been most recently confirmed at around 7 million people, after adjusting for the removal of illegal aliens not eligible for coverage and those not paying their share of the premium. In looking to 2015, it was initially expected that public exchange enrollment would reach 13 million by the end of next year. This week, HHS announced revised enrollment projections closer to 9.1 million, possibly as high as 9.9 million, by the end of 2015. Interestingly, it is reported that the CBO assumptions allowed for more people losing employer coverage and going to the public exchange — which they say has not happened. They are also finding that the next wave of participants will be a tougher sell. From an employer perspective, we will be following the reaction from the insurance companies that may get less of an enrollment lift in 2015 than they were expecting — and what that could mean for other areas of their business.

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