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Feedback From New Medicaid Enrollees

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Feedback From New Medicaid Enrollees
Calendar22 September 2014

The article gives the highlights from a report on focus groups with new Medicaid enrollees in three cities (Denver, Chicago and Portland). While many said they were happy to have the coverage, not surprisingly there was a lot of feedback about the challenges of finding physicians willing to take Medicaid, and some enrollees were unhappy to find out how limited the dental coverage is. While individual experiences will vary by person and by market, the temporary boost from the ACA for Medicaid provider reimbursement generally should help improve access. Companies with variable-hour employees not eligible for an employer-sponsored health plan should make them aware of other options by directing them to contact the public exchange via or the toll-free number (1-800-318-2596). The exchange will direct the individual to either the public exchange or Medicaid, based on their situation. Some employers with large non-eligible populations have developed special communication campaigns and even provided navigator services to help individuals seek coverage from the public programs.

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