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Employers to Face ACA Assessments

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Few Employers to Face ACA Assessments
Calendar26 April 2016

The deadline for ACA reporting to the IRS about coverage in 2015 was extended from March to June, and at this point most employers have a handle on their results. As reported in our recent survey – Living with Health Reform – virtually none of the nearly 650 survey respondents believe they will be liable for the “a” assessment – meaning they all offered coverage to substantially all employees working 30 or more hours per week. And just 8% thought they might be at risk for the “b” assessment – meaning that some of their employees might qualify for and obtain subsidized coverage on the exchange because their employer’s plan did not offer affordable contributions or meet minimum plan value requirements.

However, the requirement to offer coverage to “substantially all” employees working 30 or more hours per week will get harder to meet in 2016 when the definition of “substantially all” increases from 70% to 95%. Employers with limited-duration employees, like long-term temps and interns, might become liable for an assessment. About one in four respondents say they will pull back on use of these workers, and another 16% are considering it.


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