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Get Up Stand Up
Calendar09 July 2014

A colleague forwarded this article to a number of us with the note: "I knew my standup desk helped my back, but didn't realize it also helps with so many other risks!" A recent overview of 43 different studies found that sitting for long stretches of time is correlated not only with obesity, as might be expected, but also with diabetes, heart disease, depression, and even certain cancers. It’s not well understood why, but it seems related to metabolic changes that occur in sedentary muscles – and unfortunately exercise doesn’t erase the damage. This research might inspire employers trying to create a culture of health in the workplace to find ways to help employees incorporate movement naturally into their day. Physical features such as attractive stairwells and walking trails can help, but it might be just as important to simply encourage employees to get up and move – and let them know they can’t undo eight hours of sitting with a jog once they get home. Short of getting a standup desk like my trendsetting colleague, you can make simple changes such as standing while on the phone or turning sit-down meetings with co-workers into walks.

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