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Heading Towards 100 Covered A Report From Massachusetts

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Heading Towards 100 Covered A Report From Massachusetts
Calendar13 June 2014

Given that national health reform was more or less modeled on Massachusetts' program, it's always tempting to look at how reform has unfolded in the Commonwealth to try and predict what will happen nationally. The latest news from Massachusetts is that the new federal reforms, layered on top of the existing state reforms, has resulted in the number of the uninsured falling to near zero. Problems with the state website have complicated the issue, however -- most of the new enrollees are in a temporary coverage plan because it hasn't been determined yet if they qualify for subsidized coverage (and if they don't, they may not be willing to pay a premium). Part of the new wave of enrollees in 2014 were low-income workers. Under the previous Massachusetts health care law, individuals weren't allowed to sign up for state-subsidized insurance if they had access to insurance through work, and the affordability rule in the federal law lifts that restriction in part. While no one expects universal coverage in the US as a whole any time soon, if ever, it is interesting that enrollment has continued to grow over time in Massachusetts.

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