Health Savings Accounts Can They Work For Everyone

Health Savings Accounts Can They Work For Everyone

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Health Savings Accounts: Can They Work For Everyone?
Calendar06 April 2017

We’ve been tracking the growth of consumer-directed health plans in our national survey for years.  Now policymakers in Washington are signaling interest in liberalizing health savings account rules, intensifying the focus on high-deductible plans that would be eligible for an HSA. While the majority of large employers already offer CDHPs – among the largest they are nearly ubiquitous – most often they are offered as a choice, not as the only medical plan. Building enrollment in a CDHP offered as a choice has proven to be challenging, but it can be done.

 In this infographic, we present survey findings that should be of interest both to employers thinking about a full replacement strategy and to those committed to offering a CDHP as a choice but looking to encourage more employees who could benefit to make the move. 

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