Symposium Synopsis #4: Healthcare Leaders Envision the Future

Symposium Synopsis #4: Healthcare Leaders Envision the Future

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Symposium Synopsis #4: Healthcare Leaders Envision the Future
Calendar28 March 2018

One of my highlights from the recent Innovation Symposia was the chance to listen in as an intimate group of healthcare leaders discussed their latest thinking and newest solutions. In Scottsdale, we heard from David Ebersman, founder and CEO of Lyra; Ambar Battacharya, Managing Director of Maverick Ventures; and David Allazetta, CEO of Arizona and New Mexico Health Plans at United Healthcare.

As the panel weaved in and out of topics, I found myself drawn to the line that connected their disparate viewpoints and endeavors: the reimagining of the health plan as we know it.

So, what does the health plan of the future look like?

Does it look like Lyra—building out a network comprised of only high-quality providers? Does it take lessons from the tech world and root the network on a foundation of rigorous data science—ensuring outcomes are measured, quality standards are met, and contracts are renewed only with those providers who maintain high quality care, year over year?

Does it take aspects of Collective Health—a Maverick portfolio company—meeting people where they are, in the modalities they’re familiar with, whether that be through tech or old-fashioned telephone calls? A health plan that knows healthcare is complex, and invests in the infrastructure to handhold members through the process of getting the care they need to be their best selves.

Or, perhaps it will resemble the steps UHC has been making in the market, further integrating along the healthcare supply chain. Maybe we will see more health plans operating clinics, aligning incentives for providers to deliver value-based care instead of being forced to drive volume to meet their bottom line. (See: Oscar Health and the Cleveland Clinic, UHC and DaVita, CVS and Minute Clinic.) Will the pairing of plans and PBMs a la UHC/Optum, Aetna/CVS and Cigna/ESI lead to greater coordination between medical and pharmacy management—driving administrative efficiencies, better coordination of care and a unified member experience?

So, what does the health plan of the future look like? I’m not sure I know the answer—but I am excited to see where it’s all headed.

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