High Tech Wants Your Employees to Live a Longer Good Life

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High Tech Wants Your Employees to Live a Longer Good Life
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Calendar25 September 2014

Let’s hear it for the tech firms! They continue to drive innovation in the health care industry with a focus on giving your employees 10-20 more years of “good” life. How? By eliminating obstacles consumers face using the current health care system and making it easier for them to care for themselves. As discussed in this article, our sister company, Oliver Wyman, recently sponsored an event that showcased some of the innovative partnerships that are occurring between tech firms and providers. These new technologies will engage directly with consumers and establish relationships that could rival, and in some cases exceed, those that exist between consumer and provider today. Some employers are already supporting this movement by providing employees with access to technology like wearable fitness monitors and personalized health portals. We’ll continue to see more employers adopt use of new technologies as the health care industry continues to evolve into one focused on maintaining or improving health rather than treating illness.

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