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HMOs The Comeback Kid

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HMOs The Comeback Kid
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Calendar14 March 2016

The HMO is making a “comeback,” claims a recent article in The New York Times. HMOs, once “emblematic of everything wrong with health insurance” due to lack of provider and hospital choice, are now looking to re-brand themselves as high-performance care delivery vehicles for lower cost and better managed care.  In an effort to escape the negative connotations, some insurers are going to great lengths to avoid the term “HMO” altogether: Health Care Service Corporation considered lobbying state lawmakers to change the acronym to H.I.O. for Health Improvement Organization.  Although these emerging HMOs generally share the same philosophy of managed care as their predecessors, they are less likely to include the unpopular gatekeeper feature, in which access to specialist care is controlled by a primary care provider.

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