House GOP Struggling to Revive ACA Overhaul Bill

House GOP Struggling to Revive ACA Overhaul Bill

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House GOP Struggling to Revive ACA Overhaul Bill
Calendar28 April 2017

House Republican leaders are working to win the votes needed to pass a revised version of their health care reform bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), that aims to lower health insurance premiums for some individuals by letting states obtain waivers to opt out of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) essential health benefits, community rating, and age banding requirements.

The latest revisions reflect negotiations between leaders of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and the moderate "Tuesday Group" since the March collapse of Republicans' first attempt to pass the bill, which Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI, pulled from floor consideration because it lacked support. Other changes to the AHCA since its introduction include the addition of a risk-sharing program to help insurers cover high-claims costs.

These latest revisions brought an official endorsement from the Freedom Caucus, and GOP leaders had hoped to rush the bill to a floor vote this week before the 100th day of President Donald Trump’s presidency on Saturday. But many moderates, leery of what they see as a lessening of consumer protections by the new changes, are not rushing to sign on to the bill, and some have announced opposition.  Leaders are trying to secure enough support to pass the bill the first week of May, but the outlook is uncertain. 

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