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House Plans ACA Repeal Vote

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House Plans ACA Repeal Vote
Calendar03 February 2015

Last week, key Republican senators introduced a bill to repeal the ACA’s employer play-or-pay requirement. Republicans and many business groups support the measure, which stands little chance of overcoming a veto if sent to the president’s desk. Also last week, House Republicans sent a letter to the IRS asking what contingency plans the agency has taken in advance of a Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell. The lawmakers want the IRS to inform tax filers of the possible impact of a ruling that ends subsidies for health insurance bought through federally run health insurance exchanges. In addition, a Senate committee probed the struggles employer wellness plans face in addressing recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discrimination challenges.

This week, the House plans a vote to repeal the entire law, but with instructions to the relevant committees to develop an alternative focused on “patient-centered health care reforms.” It remains to be seen if the party can unite behind an ACA replacement strategy.

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