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How Well Is Your Stock Doing

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How Well Is Your Stock Doing
Calendar24 February 2016

Not only can corporate well-being programs have positive effects on workforce health, productivity, and morale, but recent research also shows a correlation between effective programs and superior stock performance. The study, “Linking Workplace Health Promotion Best Practices and Organizational Financial Performance,” found that stock prices for companies earning top scores on the HERO Scorecard for Employee Health and Well-Being Best Practices in Collaboration with Mercer® appreciated 235% over a six-year period, compared to 159% for companies in the S&P 500 – a win-win for employers and employees. One of the study’s authors, Mercer’s Steven Noeldner, posted a longer discussion of this study earlier this month, but the given the attention it’s receiving in the media – see these recent articles in SHRM, WorldatWork, Employee Benefit News, and Workforce – we thought it was worth mentioning again. The take-away of all this coverage? Employers should periodically evaluate their use of best practices in health and well-being programs – your employees, and now maybe your shareholders, will thank you.

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