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| Jun 06 2019

Improving Health and Wellbeing Through Technology

Technology continues to have a massive impact on all industries, including healthcare. Processes like digitization – the conversion of information into a digital format to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery – can help people live longer, healthier lives and reduce health care costs. A recent Employee Benefit Adviser article by Chris Bruce, managing director and co-founder of Thomsons Online Benefits, explores how technology will transform the way companies support employee wellbeing and prevent health problems before they arise, while promoting a culture of health.

As more employers launch initiatives that support physical health, fitness tracking has become widespread. Not only does it offer a resource to help employees be more mindful of their well-being and live a healthier lifestyle, it provides employers with data that can be used to target future health initiatives that encourage proactive lifestyle changes.

When combined with artificial intelligence, data gained through wearable technologies like fitness tracking can be used to predict health-related issues down the road. These insights could drive employees to reflect on better lifestyle habits and become mindful of ways to improve their overall health – which could in turn reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. In addition, employers gain a better way to predict healthcare cost and sick leave and to measure ROI in relation to benefits spend.

According to Mercer’s 2018 National Health Survey, mid-sized and large employers ranked “creating a culture of health” as one of their top two priorities for the next five years. Digitization provides an exciting new pathway to that goal, by putting data to work to deliver ultra-personalized well-being support for employees.

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