Insurance Companies Ready to Fight

Insurance Companies Ready to Fight

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Insurance Companies Ready to Fight
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Calendar29 July 2016

There have been lots of stories in the news over the past week about the Department of Justice suit to block Anthem’s purchase of Cigna and the Aetna and Humana deal. As Tom Murphy reports, leadership from both Anthem and Aetna have committed to defend the lawsuits. The final outcome remains uncertain and could entail a prolonged legal process. The two questions we have been hearing from employers are “what does this mean to us?” and “should we go out to bid now or wait and see what happens?” From an employer perspective, nothing changes – you should continue to refresh your benefits strategy and actively manage your health benefits to meet your goals and objectives. This includes aligning with vendor partners that best support your strategy. We recommend that employers not delay a vendor selection due to this potential consolidation. As the legal proceedings unfold, employers will have visibility into any activity that could impact their vendor partner and their member population. The cost trend for employer-sponsored health coverage has hovered around 3% for the past several years – proof we are managing cost while still providing meaningful health benefits. Don’t let this slow you down!

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