It s Happening Consumers Are Driving Market Transformation

It s Happening Consumers Are Driving Market Transformation

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It s Happening Consumers Are Driving Market Transformation
Calendar14 December 2015

This post is part of our “Visualizing the Future: Health Benefits in 2016 and Beyond” series, in which Mercer consultants share key take-aways for employers from “Health Market 2.0,” a recent conference hosted by Mercer’s sister firm, management consultant Oliver Wyman.  

As we work on educating employers to become better health care consumers, we need to keep in mind a fact so obvious that it’s easy to miss. Ready or not, consumers are already driving market transformation -– and the fact that they generally have little health care literacy is shaping the new health care marketplace, spurring the development of solutions to simplify and streamline decision-making and interactions. Employers that put off addressing engagement and consumerism may find themselves at a disadvantage in recruiting and retaining employees.

While insurance, health care, and tech companies scramble to develop Health Care Market 2.0, it is imperative that employers tap into the currently available technology that allows a measure of integration and aggregation of their myriad health and well-being offerings into something with the appearance of a cohesive program. The efforts of IBM, Welltok, and Zipongo in partnership demonstrate how powerful such aggregation and packaging can be to improve employees’ perception of their employer and their benefit plans. And the sky-high customer satisfaction ratings for Mercer’s private exchange, Mercer Marketplace, suggest that employees are eager for the coherence and the support this solution provides: a 97% satisfaction rating is worth thinking about in this context.

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