Just What the Doctor Electronically Ordered

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Just What the Doctor Electronically Ordered
Calendar16 March 2016

If you live in New York, the days of dropping off paper prescriptions at the pharmacy are over. The New York Times reports that electronic prescriptions will now be required by a 2012 state law meant to combat the rise of prescription drug abuse (Minnesota has a similar law, but New York will be the first to back it up with penalties, including fines and imprisonment, for doctors who fail to comply). Although many doctors have already made the transition to electronic prescriptions, this will create some extra work for those who have yet to do so. That being said, advocates of the law say that it will result in reduced fraud, improved legibility, and better coordination of care. In addition to preventing intentionally fraudulent behavior, the law will also reduce the number of good-faith errors that can occur when a pharmacist misreads a doctor’s chicken-scratch handwriting.

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