Keeping Up Post Election: A New US Health News Feature

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Keeping Up Post Election: A New US Health News Feature
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Calendar08 December 2016

When your boss asks about how the election will affect your benefit program, your response could be as easy as "It all depends." But you might want to provide more of an answer, and if so we'd like to help you out.

  1. We hosted two webcasts -- one focused on health benefits and time-off, and a second covering retirement, talent, investments and health. If you missed one or both, those links will take you to the replays.

  2. Depending on how deep you want to get into the possible options, we have developed a Post-Election Game Plan for our clients. Reach out to your favorite Mercer consultant if you are interested.

  3.  The news is full of articles every day speculating on what will happen next -- transition plans, political appointments, etc.  We will be tracking all the news and will do a roundup at the end of the week with the articles you don't want to miss. Watch for the first one this week.

A lot is going on. While it is certainly an exciting time to be in our business, there is no "Easy" button. We'd like this site to be a trusted resource for you in the weeks and months ahead.

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