Keeping Up Post Election: Repeal and Delay

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Keeping Up Post Election: Repeal and Delay
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Calendar09 December 2016

While it’s an exciting time to be in our business, staying on top of all the news about the Trump transition and Republican priorities for the 115th Congress can be a little overwhelming. We’d like to help you with that by periodically posting links to key articles. Here’s the first list to keep you up to date -- with our thoughts on which articles to make a priority.

G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay

Robert Pear, Jennifer Steinhauer, and Thomas Kaplan, The New York Times

  • It appears a Republican “repeal and replace” strategy may be morphing into a “repeal and delay” strategy. Recent reports indicate that the complexities of unwinding the ACA may take two to three years. *A must read*

I read 7 Republican Obamacare replacement plans. Here’s what I learned.

Sarah Kliff, Vox

  • Check out this easy to read summary of seven ACA replacement plans. We’ll be watching how Republicans coalesce around one option, presumably taking pieces from many, if not all seven, of these proposals. *Long but worth the time*

Trump’s ‘secret weapon’ in the Obamacare wars

Jake Novak, CNBC

  • This is an opinion piece on a development that didn’t get much publicity: President-Elect Trump’s appointment of David Higbee, an antitrust expert, to his transition team. The article points out that Higbee has interest in what anti-competitive forces do to health care costs. We think that makes the Higbee appointment one to watch. *Skim this one*

Republican election sweep portends changes in benefits, workplace policy

Mercer’s WRG

  • This article reviews the likely priorities for the next president and Congress in the areas of employer-sponsored health care, retirement income, executive rewards and worker protections -- and suggests steps employers can take now to prepare for coming change. *Long but worth the time* (Mercer Select Intelligence membership required. Not a member? Learn more)

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