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Make Diabetes the Next Low Hanging Fruit

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Make Diabetes the Next Low Hanging Fruit
Calendar16 April 2015

Of all the chronic conditions, diabetes is the most documented in reputable medical journals for successful interventions. This story in The Washington Post reports on the rise in the prevalence of diabetes by county in the US. Do you know how common diabetes is in your covered population? What are the rates for adults vs. children? Do you have a program in place to help diabetics manage their condition, improve their diet, and increase their activity level? How impactful is the program? There are several new vendors in the market that specifically target diabetes. Some focus on pre-diabetics, while others target insulin-dependent patients. Bottom line, this condition is quickly becoming an epidemic. Plan sponsors have an opportunity to address it head on and improve the health of covered members and also reduce the risk of co-morbid conditions that often stem from diabetes. 

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