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Making Measures Matter More

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Making Measures Matter More
Calendar04 November 2015

Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR), with the release of their Employer-Purchaser Guide to Quality Measure Selection, helped separate some of the signal from the noise as employers continue to ramp up their focus on delivering higher quality yet efficient care to their members.  CPR’s report addresses a question on many purchasers’ minds: Are the measures of quality that my health plans and providers focus on the ones that really matter?  CPR’s report echoes Mercer’s perspective: Focus on a set of meaningful, practical and focused measures as a starting point to move the needle on improving performance. The report specifically flags measures in terms of implementation feasibility and provides employers with some “how tos” to move things forward.

Value-Based Care, in one form or another, is part of every employer’s plan. CPR’s Guide helps provide clarity to one of the most complex parts of the puzzle.

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