Maybe GOP Isn t Moving On From Healthcare After All

Maybe GOP Isn t Moving On From Healthcare After All

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Maybe GOP Isn't 'Moving On' From Healthcare After All
Calendar31 March 2017

After their failed attempt to pass ACA repeal and replace legislation, President Trump and House Speaker Ryan indicated that they were “moving on” to other legislative priorities. On Tuesday, we learned that Republicans have restarted their conversations about healthcare. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported the GOP was discussing a new vote as early as next week.

At Mercer, we believe that the current healthcare system is unsustainable, but we urge that changes be made without undue haste and with careful consideration of the many complex factors at play in our system. We are actively advocating for new health savings account rules and the repeal of the Cadillac tax and, as I said in my blog post earlier this week, we stand ready to support lawmakers in shaping policies that will address the underlying causes of healthcare cost growth.

Our conversations with employers across the country echo these priorities. For instance, the morning of the day the bill was pulled, I gave a speech at the North Carolina Business Group on Health annual conference. I asked the group of benefits professionals if they could ask one wish of the President and Congress, what would it be? Responses included:

  • Healthcare coverage for all
  • Consideration of the consequences of cutting federal funding for Medicaid and public health programs
  • Consideration of the consequences of cost-shifting to older pre-Medicare-eligible Americans
  • Help addressing unnecessary/inappropriate care, ER visits, and opiate use
  • Help with escalating prescription drug costs
  • Relief on the ACA reporting requirements

What would your "one wish" be?

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