Medicare Advantage Plans Increasingly Popular

The slow growth in Medicare spending has meant slow growth in premiums for Medicare Advantage Plans. With the average monthly premium rising by just $2.95 in 2015 -- and 61% of enrollees seeing no increase at all -- CMS is projecting that enrollment will grow by about 3% in 2015, to reach an all-time high of just over 16 million. This article suggests that controls on Medicare spending built into the ACA are one reason for the moderate growth in premiums, but another may be that enrollees are choosing less expensive plans, with more restrictive pharmacy benefits and higher out-of-pocket costs. Retiree medical exchanges make it easier for employers to offer a range of Medicare Advantage plans, giving retirees the opportunity to select the level of coverage that suits their needs. For example, Mercer Marketplace Medicare Exchange (Transition Assist) includes a wide variety of individual Medicare Advantage options offered by national and local carriers. The availability varies by geography, but most retirees will have two to five Medicare Advantage options, some with zero premium.

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Beth Umland
by Beth Umland

Director of Research, Health, Mercer

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