Benefit Flexibility
| May 18 2018

Mercer Marketplace 365+ is Now Available to Over 1.5 Million People

Mercer Marketplace 365+ is a bundled benefits solution that brings together a best-in-class platform, decision-support, transparency tools, and health advocacy services – all backed by Mercer consulting expertise. Rising costs, inefficient services and employee empowerment is causing employers to turn to strategies like Mercer Marketplace 365+ to better manage their benefits. It is a new kind of health and benefits solution that puts access to better, more affordable healthcare and benefits into the hands of your employees and it is now available to over 1.5 million people.

We are harnessing the power of our ever-growing base of employees and their dependents. Together, we are reducing the costs and complexities of healthcare and benefits administration for employers of all sizes and industries. Mercer Marketplace 365+ will customize benefits plans based on your culture, values, goals and the needs of employees while saving employers a lot more money. Our simple online decision support tools and licensed benefits counselors will help your employees make personalized benefits decisions based on their individual and family needs.

Mercer Marketplace 365+ is reinventing the health & benefits experience and improving the healthcare outcomes by providing employees more power over their healthcare decisions so that they can take control of their unique needs. Learn more about Mercer 's 365-Day Benefits Solutions here.

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