Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual Solution

In the current environment, many employees are experiencing loss of benefit coverage due to changes in their employment status. Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual, powered by GetInsured, is a free concierge service to help anyone secure short- or long-term medical benefits coverage where available, as well as dental and vision coverage to meet the insurance needs of each individual. The solution provides online and telephonic concierge support for those seeking benefits coverage outside of employer offerings.

What services are provided?

Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual plans have no employer involvement or sponsorship, and may provide some participants with affordable alternative options to COBRA coverage. Individuals can shop for available plans online, or speak with licensed customer service agents for support in eligibility determination, enrollment, and information on government subsidies or coverage tax credits that may be available. 

Who Can Use This Service?

Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual is available to all individuals and their families, regardless of employment status, and allows access to government premium subsidies where available. Of the nearly 11 million people who enrolled in coverage through the marketplace exchanges in 2019, 87 percent qualified for premium subsidies, including key workforce segments:

  • Part-timers
  • COBRA-eligibles
  • Pre-65 retirees
  • Non-sponsored/dependents

What does this cost?

Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual is available to our clients at no cost. There is no implementation or set-up required and it is available to communicate to non-benefit eligible employees immediately. There is no cost to participants to access the solution and shop for plan offerings. When enrolled, participants pay plan premiums directly to the carriers via ACH or other direct payment methods. The employer is not involved; there is a direct relationship between the individuals and GetInsured, and ultimately between the individual and the insurer, if someone enrolls in coverage.

What about Medicaid?

For our clients who are interested in a Medicaid solution, Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual has implemented a referral arrangement through BeneStream. This solution provides enrollment assistance to those who qualify for Medicaid and supports their enrollment in SNAP (Food Stamps) and Unemployment Insurance. There are nominal fees for consultations and enrollments associated with this program that are paid by the employer making the service available.

Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual is ready to support our client’s employees and former employees now. If you have questions about offering our solution to your employees or former employees, please contact your Mercer representative. 

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