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New Preventive Services Themes From Cadillac Tax Comments

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New Preventive Services; Themes From Cadillac Tax Comments
Calendar02 June 2015

The list of preventive services that many health plans must cover without cost sharing under the ACA includes nine items added in 2014. New USPSTF recommendations with A or B grades take effect for the plan year starting one year after they are issued.

Mercer has compiled letters submitted to the IRS by a cross-section of employers ­– including business, church, and education groups – on the “Cadillac tax” slated to apply to the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage that exceeds specified thresholds beginning in 2018. Several common concerns were expressed by commenters for regulators to consider in developing guidance on the tax, including recommending the exclusion of various types of benefits in considering coverage costs, providing alternative methods to calculate coverage costs, permitting liberal aggregation and disaggregation of included coverage, and providing transition relief and additional time to comply.  

In Congress this week, the House may vote on bills that would repeal the law’s medical device tax and creation of a new Medicare payment advisory board. The Senate Judiciary's oversight subcommittee will hold a hearing Thursday examining the process that led to the ACA’s rules on consumer subsidies, part of which is being challenged in the King case at the Supreme Court; a decision is expected near the end of the month. On Wednesday, a House-Senate Joint Economic Committee hearing will look at the employment effects of ACA.

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