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Obamacare Makes Employers Look Good

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Obamacare Makes Employers Look Good
Calendar01 July 2016

The Kaiser Family Foundation released survey results from a recent public opinion poll. There were some interesting findings concerning what Democrats think about Obamacare compared to Republicans. One take-away for employers is that 83% of those asked – whether Republican or Democrat— said they have seen stories about sharply rising health insurance premiums.  But most didn’t realize that these were rates for the public exchanges, or as the article put it: “Just 10 percent of respondents correctly said the stories related to individual Obamacare plans.” This could mean that open enrollment communications will be good news to employees. Mercer’s survey indicates that health benefit cost will rise by only about 4% in 2016, and all indications are that we’ll see a similar increase in 2017.     

Go to full article: www.cnbc.com

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