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Obamacare vs Employer Plans

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Obamacare vs Employer Plans
Calendar24 August 2016

This New York Times article offers an interesting “compare and contrast” analysis of public exchange plans versus employer-sponsored plans. Whether you’re satisfied with benefits on the public exchange really comes down to your perspective. If you were among the millions who were previously uninsured, you’re likely to be happy with your exchange coverage. If you came to the exchange after having had employer-sponsored coverage, the story is very different. A more limited choice of providers in the health plan network and higher out-of-pocket requirements are among the chief differences noticed by those coming off employer plans. In the end, a typical plan on the public exchange “looks more like Medicaid, only with a high deductible.” So while the public exchange is helping to fill a gap in the U.S. health care system, it’s not proving to be a source of comparable coverage for early retirees or those who would like to quit a corporate job to freelance or start a business. And each year, as these plans get skinnier, we’re seeing fewer employers that would even consider dropping the company plan to send employees to the public exchange.

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