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Potential Insurance Gap for New Moms

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Potential Insurance Gap for New Moms
Calendar22 January 2016

The average age of first-time mothers in the U.S. is now at an all-time high of 26 years old, according to a recent release by the CDC. Still, many first-time mothers are under 26 – which means, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, they are eligible as dependents on their parents’ health insurance plans. But getting coverage for labor and delivery as an adult child on a parent’s plan can be tricky. As Mercer employee benefits attorney Wade Symons explains, “the ACA requires well-woman services to be provided, including prenatal care, but not labor and delivery or other maternity costs.” In addition, having the newborn baby covered under the mother’s parents’ plan “would be covering the dependent of a dependent…Employers won’t offer health insurance for their employees’ grandkids." This creates a situation where the mother-to-be will need to seek other options for coverage to make sure she and her baby are covered appropriately. One option is the public health insurance exchange, though Symons clarifies that  “there are only limited periods of open enrollment” and that some women “may not qualify for a special enrollment if [they’re] pregnant and voluntarily opt out” of their parent’s coverage.  If you don’t cover maternity services for adult children, you might want to review health plan materials to make sure this is clear and help avoid unpleasant surprises.

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