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Presidential Candidates on Health Benefits

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Presidential Candidates on Health Benefits
Calendar03 August 2016

Employee Benefits News posted a slideshow illustrating the differences between Clinton and Trump on the current state of healthcare in the US. Spoiler alert: there are not that many differences! The areas where they are aligned include:

  • Cadillac tax – both want it repealed
  • Cost – both think it needs to go down
  • Prescription drug costs – both want Medicare to set drug prices
  • Insurer consolidation – both oppose
  • Transparency – both support

The two major differences are the ACA – Clinton supports with tweaks; Trump wants it repealed, mostly. The other is Medicare-for-all/single payer – Clinton favors the ACA; Trump wants to repeal the ACA and is “open” to some kind of free healthcare option or single payer system. 

Trump has been vocal on two additional health benefit issues – purchasing insurance across state lines (check out my prior blog post) and support/expansion of consumer directed health plans and health savings accounts. Clinton has not publicly addressed these two topics so we are not sure if she is aligned on these, or not.

Likely not the last we will be hearing on this topic as the campaigns move full steam ahead.

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