Protect Job-Based Healthcare

I hope you will help us urge Congress to take immediate action to provide support for COBRA coverage and allow those who have lost jobs or been furloughed because of COVID-19 to remain in their employer-provided coverage. Although COBRA isn’t perfect, the system is in place and could help millions of Americans keep the plan they have and the doctors they know. The Administration has made COBRA elections retroactive through the end of the health emergency, which increases the likelihood of adverse selection. A robust COBRA subsidy could reduce this risk for employer-provided plans. Providing support for COBRA will also ensure that employer-provided coverage remains the stable, affordable and primary source of coverage it has always been.

If you’d like to see employer coverage remain a viable option and are willing to support Congressional action on COBRA funding, we hope you will sign your company name to a letter to Congress urging immediate action on COBRA funding legislation. Sign this letter to Congress by June 12

Note: This letter is "non-branded," so no logo/letterhead appears at the top, just the signatures from the organizations at the bottom.

You may remember that Mercer and the American Benefits Council teamed up with the Alliance to Fight the 40 — a diverse coalition of employers, labor unions, consumer groups and other stakeholders — to successfully repeal the 40% “Cadillac Tax” on employer-provided healthcare coverage. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the Alliance to Fight the 40 has rebranded and relaunched as the Alliance to Fight for Health Care (AFHC). The mission is to protect the employer-provided healthcare system during this crisis and make sure people can keep their job-based coverage — even if they lose their job or are furloughed. (See the full list of AFHC policy priorities.)

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