Protecting Your Identity in 2016

As we contemplate benefit related resolutions for the new year, data security should be high on all our lists. While it is always important to comply with HIPAA data security rules, it is equally important to train employees to be aware of how to protect their own data security. Do you include identity protection as a benefit offering? Consider that one in five employees have been a victim of identity theft and business travelers are 66% more likely to be a victim. And now that the IRS has just announced that employers can provide free identity theft protection to all employees as a nontaxable benefit (not just those who have been victims of a data breach), offering this benefit is easier, and more cost effective, than it’s ever been. The article provides good tips for employers and includes advice from Mercer's Jennifer Walton-Faifer including annual training for all employees who handle personal data.

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Tracy Watts
by Tracy Watts

Senior Partner, National Leader for U.S. Health Policy

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