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Regulators Eyeing Tougher Minimum Value Test

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Regulators Eyeing Tougher Minimum Value Test
Calendar22 October 2014

In recent meetings with employers, ACA regulators have said that the official online calculator used to determine whether plans meet the “minimum value” test is under review and may be retooled to disallow plans that don’t include in-patient hospital benefits. Any change to the calculator isn’t expected until late this year at the earliest.

Employers sponsoring self-insured health plans must by Nov. 15 report the number of covered lives in certain plans via an online interactive government form for purposes of calculating and paying the temporary reinsurance fee required by the Affordable Care Act. The form will be available via pay.gov on Friday, October 24, according to CMS. Employers with self-insured plans should ensure that they, or designated third-parties acting on their behalf, are on track to finish the covered-lives counting in time to meet the filing deadline. 

To get a federal health plan identifier (HPID), employers with self-insured plans no longer need to involve an "authorizing official" in the application process. A revised quick guide and updated user manual reflect the US Department of Health and Human Services' recent decision to streamline the HPID process so a company executive doesn't have to register and approve each application. A related system upgrade now allows applicants to request HPIDs without sign-off from a registered authorizing official.  

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