Seasons of Health Care Change

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Seasons of Health Care Change
Calendar04 November 2015

I recently painted this piece in celebration of the changing seasons -- with 75 spray-painted leaves! It made me reflect how the health care world is undergoing a season of change as well. Here are a few of the recent developments:

  • reopened this week, with some improvements, to kick off open enrollment.
  • Ten nonprofit health insurer co-ops (consumer-operated and -oriented plans), out of the 23 originally established by the ACA, have closed this year due to weak balance sheets.
  • The annual Top 50 in Digital Health survey just opened, querying public perceptions around the fastest-growing start-ups, disruptive founders, inventions of the year, and thought leaders, among other categories.
  • The presidential political climate renewing debate focused on several options for the evolution of health care reform: single payer (Sanders), repeal and replace (Republicans) and refinement of the status quo (Clinton).
  • Wearable tech and emerging smart home electronics -- both with health-care-related sub-segments -- are expected to be big sellers this holiday season.
  • 224 data breaches involving 500 or more individuals were reported this year, as required, to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights.
  • We’re seeing significant M&A activity among payers (Aetna/Humana, Anthem/Cigna), consumer brands (Walgreens/Rite-Aid, CVS/Target Pharmacy) and health systems (70 this year so far), as well as sizable funding for new entrants into the marketplace like Collective Health and Oscar Health.

That’s quite a long list of health care activity that’s of interest to me -- and I’m sure I’ve left out some things that are relevant to you. As you read through this list and think about the season of change that we’re undergoing, what stands out? Or what would you add?

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