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Should Being a Patient Take So Much Patience?

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Should Being a Patient Take So Much Patience?
Calendar03 June 2016

Often when discussing health benefit design, cost management strategy, and compliance requirements, one aspect can get lost – the patient experience. Being a patient can be incredibly time-consuming between network provider searches, making appointments, filling prescriptions and making sure your physician(s) have the appropriate referral forms, medical records and insurance information, not to mention time spent on hold or waiting for a call back from the doctor’s office. This recent article by Vox’s Sarah Kliff outlines the frustrations she encountered – and the time she wasted – in trying to access care for an injury.  She calls patients “the health care system’s free labor”.  Electronic medical records and data interoperability should – someday – lighten the administrative load. But right now, in the face of a fragmented health care system, how can an employer help their employees spend less time and effort getting the care they need?  One option to consider is a health advocacy program.  In the best programs, employees have a dedicated health advocate who can advise employees wherever they are on the health spectrum. For serious health issues, the advocate should be trained to help the member navigate the system to get to the right providers and even take on reconciling medical bills to ensure everything has been processed appropriately, which can go a long way in not only reducing frustration for the employee, but also increases the odds that they will continue to take steps to manage their health knowing they have help along the way.

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