Slight Increase in 2017 Medicare Advantage Cost

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Slight Increase in 2017 Medicare Advantage Cost
Calendar23 February 2016

Medicare Advantage premiums are expected to increase around 3.5% in 2017. While this increase is in line with what we see for active medical plans, we need to keep in mind that the target membership for these plans is retirees, many of whom are on fixed incomes. The Medicare Advantage plans are popular with seniors because they typically include some services not included in traditional Medicare. About a fifth of all large employers (21%) provide medical coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees today on an ongoing basis, and an additional 11% still provide a plan to a closed group of Medicare-eligible retirees. Employers have gravitated to private exchanges as a way to offer retiree medical coverage. Among those that sponsor retiree coverage, 13% now offer Medicare-eligible retirees a private exchange, up from 9% last year, and 15% will use an exchange for their 2017 plan year. An additional 18% of retiree plan sponsors say they are considering moving their Medicare-eligible retirees to a private exchange within five years.

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