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States Boast Fewer Uninsured

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States Boast Fewer Uninsured
Calendar12 August 2014

There were several articles last week about the significant decline in the uninsured rate in some states — with Arkansas, Kentucky, and Delaware at the top of the list. Arkansas reported a 45% decrease in its uninsured (from 22.5% to 12.4%). The state sent a letter to those enrolled in the food-stamp program that made it easy to enroll in "health insurance with no monthly premium cost" by sending back a form. Two things for employers to consider in thinking about their state's uninsured rate. First, as the uninsured rate drops, hospitals experience less uncompensated care — which should mean less cost shifting to private payors, including employer-sponsored plans. Second, keep in mind that some of your lower-paid, variable-hour employees may stand to benefit from access to the exchanges or Medicaid. Check back on Wednesday for Mercer's perspective on Medicaid expansion and employer-sponsored health benefits.

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