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Tapping the Power of Personalized

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Tapping the Power of Personalized
Calendar07 March 2016

Consumers’ expectations are rising – they seek out novel apps, widgets and services that are intuitive, personalized and technology enabled. The market is responding rapidly to meet those needs. Engagement is still the “secret sauce” and employers who have not successfully cracked the code are also enlisting smart technology in hopes that a personalized end user experience will be the answer. It’s an exciting time as we witness the rise of digital navigators that serve as a personal concierge of sorts, guiding end users through the maze to more efficient and effective health and health care services – check out this Wall Street Journal article for a few examples. While consumers are used to the internet of things monitoring more and more of their personal lives and serving up custom advertisements in their social network feeds, having this type of targeted messaging coming from the employer is still fairly new. Employees must trust that their employer is in it for the right reasons and is looking out for their best interests. Wise employers will take care to be very transparent about confidentiality safeguards with clear communications.

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