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Ready or Not, Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare Delivery

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Ready or Not, Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare Delivery
Calendar18 April 2019

Telemedicine has been in the news a lot lately, and not always in a flattering light. As these services gain traction, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing some backlash. Telemedicine is a fundamentally disruptive concept, and providers, vendors and yes, employer health plan sponsors, need to constantly challenge themselves to think about this form of healthcare delivery from the patient’s perspective. That’s why I found this article by AP writer Tom Murphy so interesting. He talks to a woman who is “hooked on virtual visits” and to a man who values having a primary care physician and a coordinated team of providers. He also talks to providers and industry experts (like Sam Glick from our sister company Oliver Wyman) about how telemedicine and other convenience health services are changing the way physicians practice. Give it a read and think about how your organization can help to ensure that this seemingly inevitable transition takes us to a place we want to go – where added convenience and access doesn’t mean losing care coordination and quality.

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