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The Demise of Employer Health Plans That Isn't Happening

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The Demise of Employer Health Plans That Isn't Happening
Calendar22 September 2015

Here’s a good article in The New York Times with highlights from the most recent data from the Census Bureau on health insurance coverage in America. Most notable, from where we sit, is the finding that the percentage of people with employer-sponsored health coverage remained constant in 2014. Mercer's survey of employer-sponsored health coverage tracks the percentage of employers offering health insurance and we saw a very slight increase in the prevalence of employer plans in 2014 – the opposite of what was expected once the public exchanges went live. Will the trend hold? The excise tax is the element of the ACA that could have the most negative impact on the long-term viability of employer-sponsored health insurance. Keep an eye on Washington to see what happens.

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