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The Road to Resiliency

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The Road to Resiliency
Calendar17 February 2016

While the word "resilient" is used in different ways, it boils down to how we approach a stressful situation – do we perceive it as purely frightening, or as an opportunity?  If we've never been seriously stressed or tested, we don't know how resilient we are. As this thought-provoking article in The New Yorker describes, researchers who studied children from challenging backgrounds concluded that resilience is a skill that can be taught. That's good news for employers. In the work environment, employers can boost resiliency by finding ways to give employees a sense of control over their own circumstances – the 'internal locus of control' that is discussed in the article. Providing mentors and building a supportive culture can also help. And a growing number of employers – 42% of those with 500 or more employees, according to Mercer's latest survey – are working with outside vendors to offer employees programs that teach resilience or stress management skills.

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