The Time is Right for ID Theft Benefits

The Time is Right for ID Theft Benefits

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The Time is Right for ID Theft Benefits
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Calendar01 November 2017

By now everyone is well aware of the Equifax identity breach. With this and other events in mind, it’s not surprising that employers are thinking about offering identity theft coverage to employees and even paying for it. In cases of identity theft, a person will spend in the neighborhood of 500 hours clearing their credit. That’s not only tough on the victim -- if you’re the victim’s employer, it can be tough on you in terms of lost productivity.

There are affordable coverage options that provide remediation services and support for clearing credit with a $1,000,000 lost property plan. For minimal expense, you can give a valuable boost to employee relations, protect your company’s productivity and reduce presenteeism.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make identity theft one less thing to worry about for your employees, join Mercer consultants on November 14th for a live webcast on identity theft protection and other hot voluntary benefits trends, conducted with Employee Benefit News. Register here.

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