The Value-Based Wave Still To Come

Oliver Wyman and the National Business Group on Health recently asked healthcare stakeholders (including employers) for their predictions on what healthcare will look like in 2030. 

Prediction: 71% of employers think healthcare over the next decade will be dominated by a shift towards value-based care delivered by new entrant ‘innovators.’ These disruptors include the beloved tech giants who bring extreme brand loyalty, and those who offer new ways for the consumer to engage in their healthcare experience. (OW HC 2030)

But how does that mesh with employers’ current state? According to data from Mercer and the Catalyst for Payment Reform, just 22% of employers say current pay-for-value strategies are moderately or very effective. 

So how can employers help their value-based dreams come true? Consider taking these actions to help bring forth the value-based wave of 2030:

  1. Partner with your carrier and health plan partners to adopt alternative care delivery models, like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Centers of Excellence (COEs), and/or Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). 
  2. Adopt alternative payment models (like bundled payments, shared savings). 
  3. Push health plan partners to improve/expand pay-for-value strategies through improved reporting and transparency.

Afraid of disruption? Consider piloting these arrangements in target markets or seeking feedback from your employees via a conjoint study – the results might surprise you.

Kate Brown
by Kate Brown

Principal, Leader, Center for Health Innovation, Mercer

Principal, Leader, Center for Health Innovation

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