There Is Another ... Way to See a Doctor

We were saddened today to hear about the loss of Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars film franchise. As a tribute to the joy she brought us over the years, we’ve prepared a Star Wars themed challenge for our readers. Try to find all 17 Star Wars references below -- ask a fan if you need help! Then be sure to check back later this week -- the answers will be posted on Friday.

As the winter weather is finally upon us (can someone say brrr!) cold and flu season also strikes back this time of year, causing many employees to take time off to seek care.  Some employees may want to rush to their nearest doctor to make sure they’ve gotten their flu shot, while others may try to be a trooper and just hope to avoid any illness this season. Holiday travel in crowded airports increases your odds of getting sick, especially if you make your return on the redeye and don’t get enough rest to boot! Getting an end of year appointment can be a menace, but employees have a new hope with retail health clinics. A long time ago, these may have been met with luke-warm reception, but now the retail health market is stronger than you could possibly imagine; many CVS and Walgreens stores operate these clinics, so they’re probably not far, far away from your home or office. Most clinics have a computer kiosk where you can enter your insurance information upfront and get an appointment time; some locations will even send you a text letting you know you’re next patient - advances in e-health sure has made access to care seem like an e-walk in the park! However, if your retail health clinic can’t provide the services you were looking for, don’t feel you have to go it solo in finding appropriate care.  Employees don’t need to go rogue to find the right doctor; they can utilize health advocacy services, to laser in on specific providers to get the specific care they need.  Employers – be sure to communicate these options to employees, so they can maintain their health and productivity during this season and you can ensure your workforce is with you.

Emily Ferreira
by Emily Ferreira

Associate, Health & Benefits Survey Research, Mercer

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